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Trading signals are important for today’s traders. They show you when to buy or sell a stock. If you want to use these trading signals for your decision making process, using an app is one option. The trader keeps track of the trading signals via the mobile application. No manual analysis is necessary any longer.

These stock signals are useful für experienced investors and newcomers alike. Trading signals are easy to understand and can be implemented quickly. Our app is a new solution for using trading signals based on artificial intelligence (AI). We help traders to use trading signals in an effective way.

How does a Signals-App work?

Signals-Apps are aimed at users who want to get started with signal trading or who wish to improve their usage of trading signals. A trading signal is simply a trigger showing you if you should buy or sell a stock. Accordingly, we differentiate between buy signals and sell signals. The signals app can display both trading signals and is therefore useful in many cases.

The app processes various data that is relevant for the trading signals and fires triggers based on various predefined criteria. It is important to understand, that these apps automate the whole process. The user knows immediately whether he should buy or sell a certain stock. His trading decisions are based on these trading signals.

The Signals app is based on ongoing monitoring of market activities. Monitoring of price changes of certain stocks is one example. In most cases, international company stocks are monitored on a regular basis. Currency pairs are also popular monitoring objects.

Different signaling intervals can be useful. This depends on how often the user receives new buying or selling hints. Shorter intervals offer the advantage that the user can react faster to market changes thanks to the trading signals. However, more stress is involved in this case when processing all the information provided.

Supporting the investor in his decision making process ist the most important aspect of a Signals-App. The app advises whether a purchase or a sale makes more sense currently. This always refers to a certain stock or currency pair. Automation replaces the manual processing of data.

To make this work, the app relies on a powerful algorithm. The goal is to recognize patterns in the data, which can be used to predict future price developments and to derive stock signals. This information might also come from an experienced broker. In this case, experts share their knowledge with other users and utilize the Signals-App as a platform for communication.

Trading signals or stock signals can have different levels of complexity. In their simplest form, the Signals-Apps provide triggers for buying and selling. Should the trader strengthen certain positions in his portfolio or should he make adjustments to maturities? This kind of information is also included in the signals. If the trader has more experience, signals of higher complexity might be useful for him.

Trading signals come from a variety of sources. A typical example is a company that publishes quarterly figures. These may contain information impacting buying and selling decisions. The app evaluates this data automatically and derives signals in real time.

You can use Signals-Apps on all standard mobile operating systems. This includes iOS and Android. A watchlist is part of many apps and shows currently important developments in the market. The user can then decide which stocks are important to him and which signals he would like to consider in his monitoring.

Via the Signals-App you gain access to various trading signals and they contain the functions required for better decision making in just one application. They support the trader and make his life easier.

What are the advantages of a Signals-App?

A trading signals app offers many benefits to it’s user. Modern solutions are AI driven and can deal with complex analysis tasks. They process all available data to derive the desired trading signals. This eliminates a lot of manual effort, which is otherwise necessary. The app is therefore a modern solution for traders who ask for support.

Trading via signals is often easier. Stock signals for example help you to find securities that are currently particularly interesting and deserve a higher weighting in the portfolio. This is especially useful for beginners who do not yet have the necessary experience to make optimal trading decisions.

Timing is crucial when buying and selling stocks. Trading signals help to identify the optimal time for a certain transaction. The user does not miss opportunities any longer that the market offers him and therefore he improves his trading via the app.

Signals-Apps deliver real-time data which offers many advantages. The user watches market changes at a glance and receives this important information immediately. Trading decisions are no longer based on pure subjective and therefore unreliable assessment. Instead, everything is based on data analysis.

Experienced traders also benefit from stock signals. This is especially true when there is a large number of trades involved. Manual research alone would be too time-consuming. For this group of high-demanding users, the Signals-App serves as a kind of supporting tool. Therefore it becomes easier to manage large portfolios.

Signals-Apps are especially useful when it comes to evaluating historical data. These apps recognize whether fundamental data such as a company’s profits or sales have improved. It is precisely in this area that signals offer important assistance to the trader.

Signals-Apps complement other analysis tools very well. Traders can never gather enough information when it comes to making buying and selling decisions. Trading signals should therefore be seen as another tool that you can add to your toolbox.

These apps have even more advantages. They are easy to use and present information in a concise way. The user has everything readily available in one mobile application. This is useful when the trader travels a lot and still doesn’t want to miss any important trading signals.

For all traders looking for advice, trading signals are a valuable tool. They can trigger buying and selling decisions and offer strategic directions. In one app, all trading signals are available right at your fingertips.

Who we are

A dedicated team of experts stands behind TradeStocksApp. This application allows more traders to benefit from trading signals and their various advantages. Our team is made up of specialists from areas such as trading, stock analysis and IT. Our passion are trading signals, which we devote our work to every day.

With the help of our app, everyone can use stock signals for their trading. That’s why we launched our FinTech TradeStocksApp in Q1 2021. This startup has dedicated itself to trading signals and their benefits. We make this tool accessible in form of an application especially designed for mobile devices.

Our company is the Trading Team SIA. We are responsible for developing the app and we make sure that it stays available via the most important mobile stores. Thanks to our app, traders world-wide can take great advantage of trading signals. Our app makes stock signals accessible in a simple and understandable way.

The whole team behind our TradeStocksApp is pursuing this clearly defined goal to make trading signals more accessible. We are here to help traders make fewer mistakes and to improve their trading results. With our app you can make more efficient decisions. We believe stock signals are a great way to approach trading in our today’s world.

We were able to gather various experts in our company and we are particularly proud of that accomplishment. First and foremost, we have to mention our founder and CEO Alex Kurjanovich. Diana Galante is one of the co-founders and she currently serves as our CMO. Aleksei Kaftanov works for us as our CTO.

Leonid Alshanski is a member of our Board of Advisers and he is responsible for our trading strategy. He collected 30 years of experience as a Head Stocks Analyst. This knowledge is particularly valuable for the company and helps us to get the most benefit from the trading signals.

Grigory Aronov is another member of the Board of Advisers and he is responsible for business development. Darja Konovalova is also a member of the board and is responsible for compliance and law. Overall, with this team and the various skills that got together here, we are in an excellent position to make the use of trading signals even better for our customers.

Our advantages

The main advantage of our product is the intensive use of artificial intelligence (AI). This makes generating better trading signals possible and makes sure you get the most benefit from the trading signals. This is crucial in our view in order to use stock signals profitably for your own trading activity.

Because of our application, traders can act on stock signals with less risk. We speed up the analysis process and provide high quality trading signals. All trading signals are the result of our advanced AI trading algorithm. It automates processes for generating these signals. The extreme manual effort which was required in the past for achieving the same goal is not longer necessary.

Our AI trading robots work full-time to find valuable trading signals. We monitor over 4,000 international stocks and their corresponding signals every week. The monitoring is focused on Europe and the USA. This allows us to derive high quality trading signals for our customer base.

We help our clients saving a lot of work while using trading signals. They can therefore concentrate on more important tasks. All trading decisions are based on the signals our application can provide. This means that retailers no longer have to rely solely on their subjective assessment when it comes to everyday buying and selling decisions.

Our monitoring also captures over 100 currency pairs, which our AI analyzes on a weekly basis. The trading signals are updated between 15 and 20 times per week. In this way, we ensure that users always have access to up to date signals for their trading decisions.

The app provides real-time alerts which are related to the trading signals. The user gets access to these stock signals for buying and selling with detailed information. Our stock signals improve the basis for decision-making and thus help to regularly make better trades.

We use the latest and most advanced trading algorithms to analyze the international stock markets. This way we achieve high quality trading signals. If you want, you can add an unlimited number of stocks and currencies to your watch list. This makes constant monitoring of selected stocks and currencies possible. The required trading signals are always available.

The user receives important trading signals for all stocks and currency pairs that are valuable to him. To make it easier to find them, we offer a powerful search engine. You also have access to filters for monitoring different sectors. This means that every customer can use trading signals for all stocks and currencies that are relevant to him.

Our trading signals receive updates every day. Other advantages include the comfortable installation and easy operation of the application. We wish that every trader out there can use stock signals profitably.

Our pricing model

The pricing model of TradeStocksApp is fair and transparent and encourages using stock signals. We wish that as many traders as possible can benefit from the new possibilities that AI-based trading signals have to offer. Therefore, we have developed an easy-to-understand pricing model that allows every user to precisely plan the costs for using our application.

If you want to use stock signals for your trading, start with our free trial version. Try the application for yourself during a total period of seven days. In this way, you have the opportunity to see for yourself how advantageous trading signals are. In this version, the features are partially limited.

TradeStocksApp Starter is our version with ads and limited access to the trading signals. Information such as charts and infographics are also only partially available. Furthermore, not all search engine and alarm features are accessible. However, the user can use TradeStocksApp Starter to get an overview of what we have to offer.

The trial version runs for a limited time and is accessible for a period of seven days. After that, the user has to decide whether he wants to continue benefiting from high quality stock signals. During this one week he has enough time to explore our application and learn all about it’s benefits for his daily trading.

We call TradeStocksApp Starter our entry-level offering. If you want even more features and if you are convinced that the trading signals delivered by our application are useful for your trading, take a look at TradeStocksApp Premium. This version has no ads. The user gets full access to the stock signals and to the charts and infographics.

TradeStocksApp Premium has everything traders need to benefit from the power of stock signals. This offer is ideal for taking full advantage of trading signals. Access to the search engine is unlimited. This also applies to the alert features related to the trading signals. And the watchlist is fully available in this version as well.

While TradeStocksApp Starter is available free of charge, TradeStocksApp Premium costs 12.99 Euros per month. Payment is made in monthly intervals. If you have more questions about our pricing structure, please feel free to contact our support team at any time. We make a transparent offer with a clear price structure.

We are convinced that our offer is fair and up-to-date. It is relevant for everyone who wants to use trading signals. If you want to get to know us first, choose TradeStocksApp Starter. Otherwise TradeStocksApp Premium has even more features. The app is now available for Android and iOS devices and therefore on all major mobile systems.

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